I’ll introduce myself:

I live in Belgium and i’m an engineering student at the university of Leuven.  As specialization i’m doing ‘computer science’ which might induce that is what some posts are going to cover.

However, I have also a broad interest in everything related to mathematics & physics and other science related topics and of course our own little blue planet.

What might surprise you is that I also have some interest in topics that have to do with education, so you might see some posts on that as well.

This interest in education has, until now, expressed itself mostly in combination with computer science. More specific, educative software. This including software I made myself during secondary class, which eventually I sold to that school.

Currently i’m working on a new project that has something to do with algorithms and how they behave ( It is being mentioned on the course page of one of my professors (Ph. Dutré)

So, summarizing what you can expect:

  • Posts on Computer Science topics
  • Sharing my (newly acquired) knowledge on physics and other sciencey stuff
  • My opinion on various topics like ‘What I expect from a university’

Until the next post … stay tuned!