I’ve been using Linux for over four years now. I started by using Ubuntu, and later on made the switch to Arch Linux, which I still use today.
And because apparently in the description of this blog it is said that I also make articles about my interests and computers. And I noticed that, until now, I haven’t…

So lets begin with an easy one! I will (very) briefly discuss four of the most useful (to me) applications I encountered so far on Linux. Including, Kupfer, Tilda, ScreenCloud and Banshee. Some of them completely changing the way I use a computer.


What is it?
This application that made me say goodbye to the traditional menu. Instead of going through a bunch of menus and sub-menus and the sub-menus of the sub-menus. I let Kupfer do all the work for me instead. It completely changed the way I use a computer.
If you like me, like controlling your computer by just using a keyboard (like using a terminal), then this will add some more fizz!

And all this goodness happens while you are typing. So that’s nice too 🙂

Launching applications
Kupfer makes it possible to find what you want, as fast as possible. You just need to type what you are searching for. Also after a while, it will have learned what you most likely want when you type something. For me for example:

c → Chromium
b → Banshee
s → Skype

Finding documents
Finding and opening that goddamn file has never been easier. Just type in a word you know was in the name of the file.

For example, I just write “tux”. And no matter where those files were found. As long as they are in the folders that kupfer indexes (can be set in the preferences)

Example use:
d → downloads folder

One should notice that on the right, there is a text “open”. In fact, its just one of the many options you can pop out. A few available actions are: Open with, Reveal (open directory), Create archive, Move to, trash, ..

Controlling applications
I’ll just highlight some of the things I use frequently

Skype Chat
I just type in the name of the guy I want to talk to, and poof! magic happens. From that moment I can choose to chat, call or whatever.

Bookmarks of your web browser can be easily accessed.

Compose an email (also for gmail!)

Search Wikipedia, Google, Google contacts …

How I use it
I use ALT+a to open it.  And type what I need and click enter.
I haven’t really looked into them, but there are some alternatives I know about. If you have tried them, let me know in the comments below!
Gnome Do, and synapse.
Synapse looks very promising and I’m certainly going to try it soon.

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This is a very simple terminal emulator that allows a very neat overlay. Dimensions, color, transparency and behavior are completely configurable. It even has tabs. How can you not like it then… I mean.. it has tabs!
How I use it
For almost all commands I execute. I just press “SUPER+a” and whoosh…there it is!

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This is a very new application but in just one week that has proven to be useful already a few times.
It is not only useful to create screenshots, but also very good at sharing them!

You press the correct key combination and then the magic happens: it takes a screenshot, uploads it to ‘the cloud’ and puts the link to it on your clipboard. How nice is that?

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This is the music player I almost use daily. In the for me known media player universe, this is the best music player I found so far. I can even sync my iPods, android devices or any other usb device with it!

If you haven’t already, I suggest you check it out.

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This concludes my very brief description of four of my favorite apps. Let me know what you think or if you have other interesting applications: Share & Enjoy!