During the month August (2012) I’m doing a student job at Commsquare
My job is to port some functionality to Android.
I was completely unfamiliar with android development so I had to learn it from scratch. Luckily I already had a lot of experience in java!

DAP is an autonomous and distributed active probe/test robot solution. It is designed to monitor and measure the end-to-end performance of your mobile data services and mobile data network 24/7.DAP probes can be deployed fast, are easy to operate and have a small form factor.Possible test sequences are: FTP upload; FTP download; HTTP; PING; WAP; DNS; … Commsquare offers DAP as a service and as a product.

It have been some really exciting and challenging weeks with a lot of new and cool stuff to explore.
In this series of blogposts I will briefly tell about all the goodness that I learned the past few weeks provided with some self-reflection by focussing on things where there is still room for improvement that I’m very willing to provide.

This series consists of  a trilogy in 5 parts:  (To those who understand this: leave a comment below! )

1. Design Patterns

2. Test Driven Development and Agile programming

3. Transfer Control Protocol (TCP) and other network related stuff

4. Android

5. Conclusion

These will appear as soon as they are ready. Stay tuned!