iconThis semester I have a new exciting project to work on. With some people already working in the industry (Frederik De Bleser & Wim De Clercq) I’m making plans to organise a Clojure meetup.

What is Clojure?

In short,

Clojure is a fairly new programming language with a lot of interesting ideas. It is a “modern LISP” that runs on the JVM. It’s main focus is functional programming, but nevertheless it remains pragmatic and allows you to use imperative style where it is more natural to do so. Some of the more interesting concepts (though not necessarily unique to Clojure) are: Its concurrency idioms, multimethods, its definition and usage of state / value / identity,  Software Transactional Memory. Though these topic are quite significant, they’re just a small subset of what Clojure is all about.

It has a wonderful community and hence it would be even more wonderful for everyone to be able to meet each other in real life and sharing all their interesting and exciting Clojure related experiences.


A meetup is all about sharing experiences and ideas. Maybe having some sessions and just plain informal chatting.

The idea of a meetup is not new. There are plenty examples out there: Amsteram, London, Cambridge. But not Belgium. At least until now!


We are still in a brainstorming-phase meaning that everything is still possible (location, date, content) so ideas and advice are welcome at all time.

Extra information?

You can read about our intents on the mailing list. If you are interested please leave a comment.

You can keep up-to-date with the latest developments by following us on twitter @belgiumclj