iconA few weeks ago I announced that I started working on a new exciting project: organising the first ever Clojure meetup in belgium.

This week I’m very pleased to announce that I actually have been able to pull it off with the help of Frederik De Bleser & Wim De Clercq.

Who are we?

An engineering student in computer science at K.U.Leuven. Past year I noticed Clojure and it was in fact Frederik who gave me an introduction to it while doing a student job at Commsquare. Guess what: It never let me go again. I’ve been exploring Clojure on my own and this semester took the initiative to start organising the first belgian Clojure meetup group.


As I wrote before, he was the one who introduced me to Clojure for the first time. Frederik is a PhD student at Sint Lucas Antwerpen, studying the link between computers and art. He also does graphic design commercially. His company is called Burocrazy.
He offered me to help my with my project and will also be doing a talk during the first meetup. He is without doubt the most experienced Clojure programmer of us three.


Is the co-owner of the company ‘ixor’. He also studied Computer Science at the K.U.Leuven. Obviously he shares our great interest in Clojure. Considering to use it in their products. This distinct interest it probably the reason he offered to help me to organise a meetup, while not knowing me at all (unlike Frederik).  He will be providing a location (at ixor) and the necessary sponsoring. (Which I’m very grateful for!)

Date & Location

Wednesday evening, 27th of March 2013 in Mechelen (at walking distance from the train station).

Many thanks to Wim (owner of ixor) who has been able to provide a very good location.

What it will be about
Being the first Clojure meetup in Belgium that we have ever organised, we thought It would be a good idea do some sessions on Why Clojure? and the Ideology of the language. 

Who do we target?
Everyone who is interested in learning more about Clojure or wants to share his experiences. Whether you are a student, professor, hobbyist or professional programmer, you are welcome!

Where to find detailed information?

We have provided a special webpage where you can find the locations, planning, sessions and where you can subscribe if you are planning to attend our meetup.


I’m looking forward to see all the belgian Clojure enthousiast (who can make it) at our meetup!