Hi everyone,

My thesis just got printed and tomorrow I am going to hand it in. My presentation is end June.

I just wanted to share my summary for dummy’s with you:

Next time when you are having dinner, take your wine glass and your knife. Gently use it to strike the wine glass and listen to what happens. You should hear the glass vibrating. When you strike the glass again you hear about the same sound. If you strike it with another object you might hear a slightly different sound.

One might be interested in predicting the behavior of the glass in different situations. For example: what will you hear if you quickly strike it twice?
This is exactly what system identification is all about.

In system identification one measures the behavior of a system in different situations. Using these measurements one tries to use mathematics to predict the behavior as well as possible.

This concept is applicable in many practical situations like analyzing the vibrations in the wings of an airplane, predicting muscle movement based on measurements of nerve cells, predicting economical trends, improving the performance of your mobile network, predicting weather patterns and countless other applications exist.

There are many different (yet related) mathematical approaches to achieve this. This thesis focuses on several of these approaches and tries to tackle some of the mathematical difficulties one encounters with this approach in practice.

This thesis will deliver a significant contribution to the development of a new potentially advanced system identification approach.