Thesis summary for dummy’s: Decoupling Multivariate Polynomials in Nonlinear System Identification

Hi everyone,

My thesis just got printed and tomorrow I am going to hand it in. My presentation is end June.

I just wanted to share my summary for dummy’s with you:

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Studying hard: was it worth it? – How university helped shaping my personality is a story about how my personality evolved during my time at university and how I actively try to improve on it. Apart from the fact that I want to share my experiences from this never-ending journey, I also hope that it will inspire any first grader or anyone who is doubting whether all his efforts will be worth it.

Looking back

Today I received a transcript with all my marks and degrees that I obtained at university.  When I took a look at them, I realized that they are really not that bad at all.

Then, I also realized that I really had to give the very best of myself to get that piece of paper filled with some nice numbers.

Nearing the end of my academic career as a student, I started to reflect on my choices and efforts from the past 5 years.

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You are not as unique as you think you are – and that’s ok!

xkcd pictures my line of thought perfectly with this cartoon. You just cannot read someone else’s mind.

When I have a problem or difficulty with something, I often (incorrectly) assume that I’m one of the few persons that has this problem. But after a number of experiences I realized that you and me are probably not so different after all. And that’s totally fine!

This means that when you have a problem, you are probably not the only one. “Of course!” you might say. “People have been saying that for years.”  While that’s completely true, I however only recently started to really experience this myself and want to share my thoughts with you.

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Debriefing Third BeClojure meetup – April 2014 – Antwerpen






The third BeClojure meetup was a great success! This time we had a talk on Datomic.

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Invitation: Third BeClojure Meetup – 23 April 2014

It is time for another iteration of BeClojure!






Are you currently in Belgium? Are you interested in Clojure? Do you like a nice chat with a snack and a drink?


You are hereby kindly invited to the third official BeClojure meetup. This iteration will take place in Antwerpen and will be hosted by WebComrades.


April 23, 2014



Tolstraat 75, Antwerpen


Stijn Opheide from WebComrades will talk about the use of Datomic in one of their products.


For more details and enrollment please visit:

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A brief opinion on digital notes

During the first few days of the new year at university, some freshmen told me about their first course given by Professor Erik Duval (One of my former professors). Apparently professor Duval was completely amazed by the fact that there was not a single student with a laptop or tablet instead of plain old paper. I don’t think that was a coincidence. Laptops and tablets are just not quite fit (yet?) to really replace paper. However, I’ve had a surprisingly pleasing experience when studying on a tablet last year.

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The KU Leuven needs an API

I’ve been a student at the KU Leuven for almost three years now. My university delivers
various online services on our online “interactive” “learning” environment called Toledo.
These services include our daily schedule, exams, email, course documents, information, discussion groups. A lot of students (including this one) moan a lot about how Toledo is slow and user-unfriendly.  If Toledo is ever to be redesigned, I have some suggestions.

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